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Wayfinding signage on your property or campus

Wayfinding signage is one of the most important aspects of a client’s visit to your property. Moving traffic easily through the property depends on how visitors are directed and informed. As well as the effect on traffic flow, ease of wayfinding is important to the client’s frame of mind. How often have you arrived late and irritated at your destination due to poor wayfinding signage? The experts at Sunset Neon have felt that pain—it’s one of the reasons they are so adamant about good wayfinding and architectural signage.


Sunset Neon for the best wayfinding signage

Sunset Neon has supplied and installed airport, hospital, library, and corporate campus wayfinding signage for decades. Wayfinding design and planning is a vital part of the Sunset Neon process. The Sunset Neon experts know that it’s important for outdoor wayfinding signage to be manufactured in materials that can withstand environmental conditions. For that reason, wayfinding signs and other architectural signage, either changeable or permanent, are commonly manufactured in aluminum with vinyl, granite, high-density urethane, or cast aluminum or bronze. 


Sunset Neon turns your wayfinding signage concept into reality

Combining your vision for wayfinding in your campus with Sunset Neon’s expertise is the key to a successful, high-quality project. There are many proven styles of wayfinding signage, many of them developed to direct patients, patrons, and students effectively through large institutions like hospitals, museums, universities, and airports. A specialty of Sunset Neon’s is interpretive signage used to educate visitors about exhibits at museums, zoos, nature parks, stadiums, amusement parks, and other public venues.  The company coordinates architectural styles, design elements, and the use of full-color graphics with the design theme of your building and campus for a total harmonized effect. Sunset Neon prides themselves on a comprehensive service from accurate, attractive design to fast nationwide installation for the best in wayfinding signage.

For more about Sunset Neon's wayfinding signage projects, see Regional and government projects.

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Wayfinding signage for improved traffic flow
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