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Pylon signs attract drive-by attention

A pylon sign can help you reach new customers by branding your building location and attracting drive-by notice. Extend the concept by turning a pylon sign into an electronic message center, and you’ve got compelling on-site advertising. This kind of digital signage is becoming more and more popular as the technology improves and people realize what electronic signage can do for their businesses. Sunset Neon is in the forefront of new developments in digital signs, pylon signs, and message boards. With their help, you can be projecting your own pylon message to the public in no time.

Sunset Neon builds the best pylon signs

Sunset Neon has a wide range of pylon and message-center products to suit their clients’ varied needs. In some cases, a business wants to brand their location with a pylon sign from Sunset Neon to catch the eye of the driving populace. At the high end of the pylon sign spectrum is a full-color video LED sign for the most eye-catching, high-impact advertising. You can have electronic signage with a single scrolling-line ticker, or a multiple-line message system—the fabrication and installation options are virtually limitless.

Sunset Neon has the most effective pylon sign for your organization

The Sunset Neon experts have done their homework and researched the effect of pylon signs. They have found that LED pylon signs and message centers attract more drive-by customers to hotels, motels, restaurants, and retail stores than traditional reader boards. For Sunset Neon’s township and municipality clients, pylon message centers improve community relations. The effective visual communication attracts attention to special announcements, alerts or emergencies, news, and events. Churches, fire stations, schools, and government offices can provide instant, real-time information to their communities with a pylon electronic message board. And the bonus is that, as well as attracting your target market, Sunset Neon LED pylon signs are more cost-effective and energy-efficient than conventional incandescent message boards.

For more about Sunset Neon's pylon and electronic message centre projects, see Regional and government projects.

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A pylon sign brands your location
Use a pylon sign to project your message to the drive-by mar
Instant, real-time messaging with digital signage

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