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Custom neon signs for maximum impact

Custom neon signs provide maximum impact Custom neon signs have been advertising businesses for decades. If you’d been at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, you would have seen neon signs—called ‘liquid fire’—burst onto the scene. After that, neon became very popular for signage and displays from the 1920s onward. Although the popularity of neon business signs declined after LED lighting hit the signage mainstream, neon remains a great medium when you want to produce maximum impact with color and brilliance. That’s why Sunset Neon, a company that makes all kinds of LED and digital signs, put ‘neon’ in their name.


Custom neon signs come in all colors, letterings, shapes, and sizesSunset Neon is the custom neon sign expert

For 30 years, Sunset Neon has been making signs that attract customers to their clients’ businesses. With their fabrication and installation expertise in the whole spectrum of signage, they know when neon is the right vehicle for the message you want to project. But there are custom neon signs—and custom neon signs. We’ve all sat in the parking lot mesmerized by the convenience store’s blinking OPEN sign, but useful as that sign is, it’s only a very basic example of what neon sign companies like Sunset Neon can do.

Custom neon signs display attractive graphical imagesSunset Neon:  technology plus artistry

Sunset Neon has found that retro-look neon signs are becoming very trendy, especially in the entertainment and hospitality industries. In fact, since neon signs can last for decades, some of the oldest neon signs are still attracting customer attention, and many cities like New York and Tronto are now preserving their antique neon signs. Technically, the dozens of colors available for neon signs depend on the type of glass tubing and the gas Sunset Neon uses—as well as neon gas, there are combinations of argon, krypton, helium, and mercury. The chemistry and technology involved in a custom neon sign is quite complicated, but Sunset Neon’s mastery of the technique leaves you free to decide on the image you want to evoke:  Paris in the 1920s? Times Square circa 1935? The 1950s drive-in? Cutting-edge modernistic?

On the other hand, if you do want to know more about neon technology, have a look at television's Makin Stuff series episode "Making Stuff at Sunset Neon" in the video here. It will show you that Sunset Neon, with their proficiency and know-how, is the company to fabricate your custom neon sign quickly and economically.

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Custom neon signs come in all colors, letterings, shapes, an
Custom nen signs display attractive graphical images
Custom neon signs provide maximum impact

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