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The company started in 1979, when Michael Hill and his wife, Christine, opened their first store in the New Zealand town of Whangarei.  In 2002, the company expanded into Canada, opening its first stores in Vancouver. In early 2012, Michael Hill’s International Project Manager connected with Sunset Neon as his father’s design firm had been a long standing client.  It was at that point the brand identity was poised for further changes.

Over the course of 18 months and countless prototypes we were able to deliver on each of their must haves.  From every aspect of design we tested and developed the concepts using a myriad of materials until we succeeded in providing the right balance between form and function. 

Today, Michael Hill signage has emerged as an elegant statement piece that pushes past the conventional stock signage.The intricate fretwork on each aluminum fascia panel, the clean lines of the ultra-low profile custom channel letters, specialty layered paint and the specially formulated LED illumination all work in unison to form the high end look that personifies the brand.


"Sunset Neon is an extremely professional company with excellent communication and follow up skills. I have worked with Sunset through each Canadian Province as well as liaised on projects in Chicago and New York. Jeff is extremely detailed and easy to work with, he also has the ability to adapt to different situations and curves thrown his way. I highly recommend Sunset Neon." -Derek Wallace, Manager of detail Development

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