Custom-Signage Clients

Since 1982, we have been building a strong list of clients who require help with new sign projects for their existing storefronts.  As the list grew, we moved to larger facilities where we now service our clients from a 30,000 square foot factory in Burlington, Ontario.

Dairy Queen Canada

Since 2002, Sunset Neon has been helping Dairy Queen Canada with custom signage for their expansion and modernization programs. Over the past few years, Sunset Neon has upgraded over 250 DQ locations across Canada with vital, eye-catching custom signage.

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Dollar Tree Canada

Dollar Tree is opening new stores all the time which keeps Sunset Neon on their feet and constructing bold green LED illuminated Channel letters signs for every canadian location.

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Michael Hill Jeweller

The company started in 1979, when Michael Hill and his wife, Christine, opened their first store in the New Zealand town of Whangarei.  In 2002, the company expanded into Canada, opening its first stores in Vancouver.

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Mobilicity picks the best Canadian custom sign manufacturer

Mobilicity has been growing all over Canada, with branches in GTA, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. When launch day arrives, Mobilicity has to have all their dealers up at once, including all the custom signage that attracts customers to their stores. Canadian custom sign manufacturer, Sunset Neon, was Mobilicity's choice to handle the signage for the 40 to 50 dealers per city. Sunset Neon rose to the challenge, designing and manufacturing the many inviting, customized Mobilicity signs.

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Sunset Neon's sign installation service is fast
Moores Clothing For Men

Sunset Neon is very pleased to help attract customers to Moores stores nationwide by employing their sign installation service for Moores. Sign design, fabrication, and installation can be a demanding business, especially when weather, equipment, or logistical problems plague installations, but the success of expanding national accounts like Moores makes all the work worthwhile.

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Most students can agree the best part of back to school is Pizza day.  Panago has been proudly serving chef inspired, high quality pizzas for the last 25 years. Panago has over 40 different selections of pizza.   From the classic pizzeria profiles, to innovative ethnic selections and health conscious options, Panago delivers on both flavor and dietary restrictions. Healthy eating has never tasted so good.  Every pizza is free of MSG and topped with only the finest ingredients available.

In keeping with the way in which Panago scrutinizes quality ingredients so it is with their signage.  Over the past four years, we have been working directly with Panago’s signs program development, creating LED illuminated exterior signage that incorporates their distinctive oval with the traditional Red, white and green logo. Each sign goes through a thorough inspection from our expert team prior to installation. Providing custom signage made from the finest materials and latest technology is a service that we offer our valued clients - but we definitely defer to Panago for your pizza requirements!  For more information about Panago please visit them online at: www.panago.com


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Wayfinding systems for government and public facilities
Regional/Government Projects

Many government and public facilities need wayfinding systems, building signs, message centers and very challenging identification projects. With government organizations, museums, sports complexes, colleges, and corporate campuses all coming to Sunset Neon for wayfinding systems and signage for their expertise in large projects. Especially for wayfinding systems, Sunset Neon coordinates with the clients' designers to create systems that are accurate, attractive, and perfectly suited to the environmental conditions.

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Striking channel letter signs on three elevations
Sleep Country Canada

As Sleep Country Canada opens new stores throughout Ontario, one of their first ports of call is Sunset Neon. For many years now, Sleep Country Canada has been working with Sunset Neon for appealing channel letters and awnings to set off their new locations and attract tired customers. With their fast turnaround times and coast-to-coast service, Sunset Neon is the perfect choice for a national chain like Sleep Country.

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Channel letter signs indoors and out for customer appeal
The Body Shop

Since 1990, The Body Shop has involved Sunset Neon in many store openings, renovations, and repairs all over the country. As their main supplier of compelling channel letter signs, Sunset Neon is an automatic element of each new store or refurbishment for The Body Shop. For Sunset Neon, a Body Shop project is always a welcome challenge—a client that is always on the edge of innovation, pushing the envelope for R&D.  

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Featured Clients

Moores Clothing For Men

Moores Clothing for Men was launched in 1980 as a single, family-owned store in Mississauga, ON. with only 12 employees. Today, Moores has expanded to more than 100 stores across Canada and employs over 1200 people! Moores has grown to become Canada's leading national retailer for men's business more...

Featured Projects

Dairy Queen, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Dairy Queen, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Client: Dairy Queen Canada

Medicine Hat's DQ is a fine example of a properly designed, well-illuminated stand-alone DQ Grill & Chill restaurant.