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LED channel letters for visibility

LED channel letters are the new industry standard for outdoor lighted advertising. You see them everywhere:  for sheer effect, as well as flexibility, the LED channel letter sign is the ultimate in outdoor signage. A channel letter sign provides the greatest visual impact for its cost. And when you want the most arresting, cost-effective LED channel letters and digital signs, you can’t do better than to talk to Sunset Neon, the message-center experts.

Sunset Neon for high-impact LED channel letters

Many of the channel letters you see nationwide belong to Sunset Neon clients. Sunset Neon has been fabricating and installing these letters with their internally illuminated LED lighting for as long as the technology has existed. The Sunset Neon experts have the experience to know the best type of LED channel sign to communicate your message or brand to the public. Should you have your channel letter fabricated with aluminum or acrylic returns?  Should the LED channel letters be mounted individually or pre-mounted on a carrier box? What about halo or reverse lighting? The message you want to express and the characteristics of your building site—wall or roof-top, jagged stone or smooth face—your wiring, and the ease-of-installation considerations are the factors that let Sunset Neon advise you for the best and most practical in LED channel letter signs.

Sunset Neon LED channel letters are cost-effective

As well as the striking visual effect that Sunset Neon LED channel letters produce, there are the advantages of cost-effectiveness and environmental soundness. A LED channel letter sign has a life of over 100,000 hours before replacement, and is the most energy-efficient option for lighted signage. This means that LED channel letter signs are easy on your conscience and your budget at the same time. With their expertise, Sunset Neon can get your LED channel letter sign designed, fabricated, and installed—fast. You can be up and running in no time with a LED channel sign attracting customers to your business.

For more about Sunset Neon's LED channel letter projects, see Toys 'R' Us and Mobilicity.

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LED channel letters for your outdoor advertising
Halo-lit LED channel letter signs for visual impact
A carrier box enhances the LED channel letter sign's appeal

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